The South Shuswap Scoop is s division of the North Shuswap Kicker Ltd.  We have always had a strong  desire to serve the community and since we gained such  positive feedback and support from the community with the Kicker we really wanted to try to do the same for the South Shuswap.  At first we thought we could combine news, events and other information through the Kicker but it soon became apparent that South Shuswap need their very own newsletter.  Hence the South Shuswap Scoop was born.  We published our first edition in April 2016.  With the help and support of local writers, advertisers and non-profit organizations we were finally able to get the “scoop” out about what was happening in the South Shuswap.

Focus on our Community

Our first edition was 16 pages black and white and we printed 2000 copies.  All of our articles were submitted by local people who live in the area.  We soon introduced colour and were able to increase our content and size to 48 pages in the summer of 2018.  Currently we print up to 5000 copies during our busy tourist season.  The paper is distributed to over 200 locations in the South Shuswap including Sorrento, Blind Bay, Eagle Bay, White Lake, Tappen & Sunnybrae.  Due to interest we also attained distribution locations to main storefronts in Salmon Arm and a handful of main store locations in the North Shuswap.

Our motto:  What’s the Scoop in the South Shuswap? –  Keeping the community informed.

Our Goal

To create a sense of community and network with non-profit organizations, locals and businesses by sharing news, events, services, music & art, in an effort to promote knowledge and get the “SCOOP” out about what is going on in the South Shuswap.  We accomplish this by providing free editorial space for non-profit organizations so that they can keep people informed about what is going on in the community as well as providing a place for businesses to advertise their goods and services to locals and visitors.  We at the Scoop are very grateful for the support we receive from the community and especially for our advertisers who make it possible for us to fund the production of this amazing community newsletter.

So… What’s the “scoop” in your neck of the woods!  We look forward to hearing from you.

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